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Legends of Dance 2022


The Dance Archive is honoring the Legends of Dance in person this year and adding a unique 50th anniversary performance!

Join The Dance Archive on Sunday October 16th at Cleo Parker Robinson Dance to celebrate our 2022 honorees. Doors open at 3:30!


  • Denver Turnverein
  • Judi Hofmeister
  • Jan Johnson
  • Louise Leise
  • Stan Obert
  • Larry Southall

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Dance Archive, we will present a multi-faceted performance of works by former Legends including 3rd Law Dance/Theater, Garrett Ammon, Colorado Ballet, Peter Davison, Hannah Kahn, Tom Masterson, Donna Mejia, Cleo Parker Robinson, Kim Robards, Nancy Smith, and Jeanette Trujillo. A champagne reception with appetizers will follow the performance and celebration of the 2022 Legends. 

Attendees also have the option to attend the in person event or view a livestream of the event from home! Tickets are 50 dollars for the in-person event.

Legends of Dance

Since 2004, the annual “Legends of Dance in Colorado” honors individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to dance in our state. As part of being a Legend of Dance, an oral history is recorded with each honoree. The oral histories are available online in our digital repository.

Living Legends


  • Denver Turnverein
  • Judi Hofmeister
  • Jan Johnson
  • Louise Leise
  • Stan Obert
  • Larry Southall


  • Chung-Fu Chang
  • Peter Davison
  • Dawn Fay
  • Duke Hartman
  • Donna Mejia
  • Ann Sanders


  • Judy Bejarano
  • Nancy Cranbourne
  • Jan Justis
  • Chandra Kuykendall
  • Maria Vazquez
  • John “Mr. Tap” Williams


  • David Andrews
  • Barbara Ellis
  • Karen Genoff-Campbell
  • Gregory Gonzales
  • Kim Robards


  • Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop
  • Ana Claire
  • Denver Ballet Guild
  • Nada Diachenko
  • Kathy Hill
  • Jane Spain


  • Gene GeBauer
  • Celeste Grynberg
  • Maria Mosina
  • Fran Page
  • Deborah Reshotko
  • Damian Woetzel


  • 3rd Law Dance/Theater
  • Colorado Springs Dance Theatre
  • Judy Graese
  • Stephen Seifert
  • Nii Armah Sowah


  • Garrett Ammon
  • Monica Hill
  • Jane Slusarski-Harris
  • Nancy Smith
  • Ingvar Sodal


  • Gil Boggs
  • Rita Flores de Wallace
  • Noel Hefty
  • Howard Sayette
  • Debbie Stark
  • Hope Moore Waggoner


  • John Bradford
  • Linda Kent
  • Tom Masterson
  • Susan Tracy


  • Glenn Giffin
  • Darlene Handler
  • Mary Wohl Haan
  • Henry Lowenstein
  • Pablo Rodarte


  • Aspen Santa Fe Ballet
  • Don Atwood
  • Barbara Dilley
  • Sandra Minton


  • Joan Brown
  • Beulah Cherne
  • Patricia Renzetti
  • Phoebe Smedley


  • Beverly Elinoff
  • Hannah Kahn
  • Chris Kermiet
  • Michelle O’Bryan Hamel
  • Jerry Rumley
  • Lynne Taylor-Corbett


  • Esther Kenny
  • Henry Miles
  • David Taylor
  • Roberta Thornsberry
  • Jeanette Trujillo


  • Rene Heredia
  • Gloria Kubel
  • Cleo Parker Robinson
  • Virginia Putnam
  • Nancy Spanier


  • Ann Marie Blessin
  • Martin Fredmann
  • Marda Kirn
  • Letitia Williams


  • Dulcy Amter
  • Gwen Bowen
  • Marilyn Cohen
  • Katherine Detre
  • Charlotte York Irey


  • Al Brooks
  • Lillian Covillo
  • Reike Love
  • Florence Ruston
  • Vera Sears

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